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Remove 99% Germs with Specialized Disinfection Services

Few things are more important in the realm of commercial cleanliness than regular disinfection. Harmful pathogens could be anywhere, especially when it comes to high-touch surfaces in commercial settings. By neglecting this essential facet of cleanliness, you put your employees and clientele at risk for contracting illnesses in your place of business. In order to prevent this and help your staff and client base feel safe in your building, emphasize regular disinfection.


Here at Premier Cleaning Services, we offer state-of-the-art disinfection services to protect everyone who sets foot in your building. We use eco-friendly disinfectants to protect the state of your building while keeping the health of your staff and clientele in mind.

Specially Trained Staff for Your Disinfection Service

Viruses and bacteria can pose serious threats to the health of your commercial space and all those who frequent it. They spread diseases that range from inconvenient to deadly, neither of which have a place at your business.

Protect your patients, guests, employees, and customers with the help of our cleaning experts, all of whom are rigorously trained to meet the highest standards of disinfection and sanitizing. Our services include the following:

Prevent Cross-Contamination at Your Facility

Cross-contamination is highly common in commercial facilities. It can also occur when cleaning is done improperly, such as when a rag is used in both bathrooms and in other areas of the building.

Companies can not afford to have possible instances of cross-contamination. We help prevent cross-contamination by deep cleaning, disinfecting, sanitizing, and deodorizing your spaces. We use different cloths, mops, and attachments for each area to prevent the spread of germs from surface to surface. 


Our cross-contamination prevention methods are especially effective in:

Hire Our Disinfection Services

Premier Cleaning Services started providing disinfection services before it became imperative for commercial facilities to be free of harmful agents. We have been providing disinfection services since 1997. Most of our customers continue to use our services regularly. Some clients have even been with us for a decade or two.

Contact our team for a free estimate and plan your disinfection campaign today.

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