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Customized Cleaning Services for Any Industry and Any Building

At Premier Cleaning Services, we are committed to providing a spotless and hygienic environment for employees, visitors, and customers, regardless of your industry or size. In the past 26 years, we have served a wide range of facilities with customized cleaning plans tailored to their specific needs. Whether it’s a small office or a commercial building, we strive to make your space shine to meet and exceed your expectations.

By leveraging a wide variety of advanced tools, techniques, and expertise, our team brings superior commercial cleaning solutions to local businesses, government organizations, and multi-location facilities.

Commercial Offices

Maintaining a clean and hygienic office environment is crucial for the well-being and productivity of your employees. From the reception to conference rooms and everything in between, we offer top-notch commercial cleaning services tailored to your needs so your office always looks and smells fresh. 

Our office cleaning includes dusting, disinfecting, sanitation, vacuuming, trash removal, nightly cleanings, and more. Learn more.

Industrial Cleaning

Industrial cleaning is complicated and time-consuming, so leaving it to the experts is ideal! Our team has the experience, knowledge, and tools to ensure thorough and efficient cleaning of your industrial facility. From manufacturing plants to warehouses, we go above and beyond to ensure a clean, safe, and compliant facility.

Medical Offices

Medical offices, clinics, and hospitals are exposed to many viruses and bacteria. It’s crucial for such facilities to ensure a clean and sanitary environment for their staff, doctors, patients, and visitors. Our team is experienced in cleaning and sanitation of medical offices and complies with high standards of quality care. 

Premier Cleaning Services uses hospital-grade cleaning products and tools for disinfecting surfaces, maintaining a sterile environment, floor care, and disposing of medical waste. Learn more.

Educational Facilities

Schools, colleges, universities, and other educational organizations can avail our specialized cleaning services to ensure a healthy and productive learning environment. From classrooms and play areas to common rooms and laboratories, we handle the unique cleaning needs of all areas using eco-friendly practices. Doing this keeps your students, staff, and teachers safe and healthy.

Government Facilities

Premier Cleaning Services is well-versed in the cleaning requirements of government facilities like administrative buildings and courthouses. We provide them with a wide range of services, including regular cleaning, janitorial services, specialized deep cleaning, post-construction cleaning, and emergency cleaning.


Maintaining a clean and inviting space is crucial for places of worship. Therefore, we offer top-quality cleaning services for religious facilities, including churches. Our team uses gentle yet effective cleaning techniques to disinfect and clean the space without affecting the sanctity of these spaces. Learn more.

Retail Stores

The retail industry sees hundreds and thousands of visitors daily, and first impressions play a major role in buyer decisions. At Premier Cleaning Services, we help you maintain a clean and inviting space that attracts customers. These services include floor care, window cleaning, regular cleaning, restocking supplies, power washing, restroom cleaning, and more. 

Our services are designed to keep your retail facility looking its best, be it the sales floor, changing rooms, or stockroom. Learn more.

Don’t let dirt and dust bring your business down; hire Premier Cleaning Services in Salt Lake City for a spotless space. Contact us to get started!

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