Commercial Power Washing

Keep Up Appearances with Power Washing Services

The older the building gets, the more its façade will take on the appearance of dirt, mildew, and debris in the environment. Combine that with occasional rain, and your exterior will appear too dirty and stained to attract potential customers.

Remove these deterrents from your building exterior ASAP with a power washing by Premier Cleaning Services. Let your real exterior shine, and see incoming traffic increase exponentially.

Remove the Likeliest Culprits in Salt Lake City with Power Washing

There is nothing our power washing services can’t remove. A good wash won’t help you eliminate the following aesthetic nuisances, but a good power wash certainly will.

Power Wash Every Part of Your Commercial Exterior

It’s not just building exteriors we provide power washing services for. Are you struggling to maintain a well-loved exterior because of these areas? Book power washing services to remove them within seconds!

We do:

Customize a Plan Encompassing Flat and Vertical Surfaces

Collaborate with our cleaning experts on a power washing plan. 

Combine periodic power washing with a commercial cleaning plan with Premier Cleaning Services to see our cleaning services in full force.

Power Washing Makes All the (Premier) Difference

Temporary stains can quickly become permanent ones unless taken care of immediately. Our power washing services can help you prevent this scenario, maintain a beautiful exterior, and extend the life span of your façade. 

Since our inception in 1997, we have made it a point to go the extra mile from the word go, not just when a customer isn’t satisfied with their service. As a result of our commitment to excellence, we have had more satisfied and dissatisfied customers.

Schedule Power Washing with Premier Cleaning Services

Walk us through the aspects of your exterior that require power washing to develop a plan that works for you and our cleaning experts. Get a free estimate for your service in person or via telephone, and book our service; it’s really that simple!

Reach out for that quote today.

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