Commercial Power Washing

Keep Up Appearances with Power Washing Services

The older a building gets, the more grime accumulates on the sidewalks and outer walls. Dirt, mildew, and debris are all consequences of letting a building’s exterior remain untended to. This, combined with everyday weather conditions, can wreak serious havoc on the state of your building. 


Here at Premier Cleaning Services, we offer state-of-the-art pressure washing at a cost-effective rate. Pressure washing uses high-velocity water and cleaner to remove stubborn and hard-to-reach stains, debris, and grease. This cleaning method is especially effective on surfaces such as brick, concrete, and asphalt.

Remove the Wear and Tear of the Day with Professional Pressure Washing

There is nothing our power washing services can’t remove. Simple washing won’t help you eliminate the following aesthetic nuisances, but a good power wash certainly will:

Power Wash Every Part of Your Commercial Exterior

We do service a variety of areas with our pressure washing expertise, including:

Power Washing Makes All the (Premier) Difference

Temporary stains can quickly become permanent ones unless taken care of in a timely and effective manner. When you employ our pressure washing services, we prevent the buildup of stains while chipping away at old ones, keeping your building exterior looking clean and professional.


Here at Premier Cleaning Services, we value the health and success of your business. We pride ourselves on quality communication and effective service. Pressure washing is one of many services we offer. Consult our list of areas served to see if our cleaning prowess is right for you, and contact us to request a free estimate.

Schedule Power Washing with Premier Cleaning Services

Walk us through the aspects of your exterior that could use a good pressure wash so we can develop a plan that works for you. Contact us today to request a free estimate.

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