Professional Restroom Cleaning

Clean Restrooms Make Flourishing Businesses in Northern Utah

The average human may only spend 30 minutes in the restroom per day—less if they are inside a commercial facility—but it’s where they expect the highest level of cleanliness. A clean bathroom is a safe bathroom at a medical facility, financial institution, or business office.

A clean restroom doesn’t hurt your image, either. Quite the opposite: Regular restroom cleaning with Premier Cleaning Services restores your image as an organization or institution, prioritizing cleanliness and basic hygiene.

Restroom Cleaning Can Prevent Health Hazards

An unclean restroom doesn’t just damage your reputation. Its health-related consequences are far-reaching, literally. The viruses from a dirty and non-sanitized restroom can quickly spread throughout your building, causing contagious illnesses and infections.

If a dirty washroom makes everyone uncomfortable, a clean one can be a place for your employees, guests, and patients to engage with each other instead of fretting about leaving the room before they catch something.

  • We do the Heavy Lifting

    We use our effective eco-friendly cleaning products and myriad supplies to clean the hardest-to-reach or clean areas of your restroom.

  • We Sanitize Your Restroom

    Our experts wield eco-friendly disinfectants and other sanitization agents like cleaning maestros, leaving a clean exterior and an exquisite-smelling restroom.

  • We Prevent Cross-Contamination

    We prevent cross-contamination by providing our experts with protective equipment and cleaning implements to minimize close contact with contaminated surfaces.

  • We Use Our Own Cleaning Supplies

    We don’t ask you to provide anything and assure our customers to trust our cleaning supplies: eco-friendly cleaning agents, microfiber cloths, and cordless vacuum cleaners with assorted attachments.

  • We Organize Your Storage

    We pay for all the supplies except consumables. However, we can help you organize your stock. You can expect us to fill your closet with anything, from toilet rolls to can liners.

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