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Floor Care Services For Commercial Facilities

Foot traffic across commercial facilities combined with rain, snow and dirt from the outside cause your floors to suffer. Depending on the type of floor and amount of traffic, regular mopping of your facility may not be enough.


At Premier Cleaning Services, we have specialized equipment and knowledge to help take care of a wide variety of floors. From regular scrubbing to stripping and waxing your floors, we can ensure your facility gets the care it needs.

You see, commercial floors are subjected to a lot of wear and traffic. They have a thin polymer layer or a wax finish for protection and shine, but they can easily wear off without proper floor care and annual rebuffing. Well, guess what? You can prevent the coating and the floor underneath from wearing out with Premier Cleaning Services

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Add Floor Care to Your Cleaning Plan

We have been cleaning commercial floors for nearly three decades. Some facilities require annual, semi-annual, quarterly or monthly care for their floors. We can work together to include this in your regular cleaning plan to simplify things as much as possible and make sure your facility is staying in top condition.

When we say we do all floors, we mean these surfaces and any that you might have at your workplace:

In other words, you name the floor, and we’ll ensure it’s clean and long-lasting, as long as it’s within our service areas.

More to Salt Lake City’s Premier Cleaning Services

There’s more to our floor care services than meets the eye. It’s not your average janitorial service; it’s more of a maintenance job to simplify the ensuing cleaning. 

A well-loved floor is always easier to clean than a dirty one. It also lasts much longer, thanks to the buffing and rebuffing, ensuring the protective layer doesn’t expose the floor underneath.

Work With Premier Cleaning Services

Premier Cleaning Services uses certified chemicals to restore the shine of your hard floors. Please reach out to us for a free estimate and we can work with you to create a customized cleaning plan for your hard floors.

Get a free estimate for our floor care services, learn what they’ll entail, and you can have us over the next day!

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